the rules

The rules of BAD BEER BASH are simple...

1. The host provides the beer

2. No complaining about the menu

3. You cannot bring your own beer

4. If you pull it - you drink it

5. If you don't - you wear it

6. You must finish each beer - no dumping

7. If you're caught dumping - the host can require you to drink "The Foot"

8. The BAD BEER BASH is invite only - no crashing allowed

9. If you pull a "penalty beer" - you drink "The Foot"

10. What happens at a BAD BEER BASH, stays at a BAD BEER BASH (at least until the statute of limitations expires...)



the process


The process is simple. All the beer goes into the BBDUs (Bad Beer Distribution Units) and iced down. In the top of each BBDU, a hole is cut and the BBDU is covered with a towel. The BBB participant reaches under the towel, into the hole in the BBDU, and grabs a beer. *** ALL BEER MUST BE IN CANS ***

Whatever the participant pulls out... they drink. If they refuse, the beer they have refused gets dumped on them. IF said participant pulls out the penalty beer*, they are required to drink "The Foot"**

* Penalty Beer - This is a beer devoid of any manly qualities. Bud Light, Mich Ultra, Amstel... you know... something you'd see a girl drinking.


** The Foot - The Foot is the ultimate bad beer. BIGFOOT ALE brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I know... you're thinking they're not bad. Yeah? Try Bigfoot... a colorful bouquet... like a pure spring morning dew mixed with Moose piss and motor oil from a 1964 B Model Mack.

If required to drink The Foot, the participant is stamped on the forehead so as to not be required to drink more than one Foot per night. If the participant pull the penalty beer again, they can assign their Foot to another participant who has yet to drink one. If you are assigned a Foot, you DO NOT get the forehead stamp protecting you from another Foot.


At no time can a participant peak into the BBDUs to see what they are getting - and at no time can a participant return their selected beer to the BBDU.