Well, we did it again!! Just about every time that I think we have reached a new level of stupidity - we out do ourselves. Hell, this year we achieved what I always thought was damn near impossible!! We made a United States Marine blush!!!! Now folks... that's darn impressive right there!!

From boobies to bratwurst... BAD BEER BASH - IX set a new level of entertainment debauchery!!!

I should be ashamed... but I'm just to damn proud!!!



You want me...

You just need to drink more!!




Preparing the BBDU's for beverage dispersion...

That's right Terry...DILLIGAF

The always familiar... bikes on display for BBB-IX

The sign is up!! The brats are cooking... time to rock and roll

Mark and I start to ice down the beer...

Two special additions this year!! Minahs Light and Mountain Crest Classic Lager. (Both sucked ass by the way....)

The beer NOONE wants to drink... Harley-Davidson Daytona 1986. Let's see... it's 2008... yep... this beer is 22 years old.

Another new addition this year. The "bad beer non-alcoholic alternative"... Jones Soda!!!! You don't think it's bad? Read the flavors....

Getting ready to start the popcorn machine... it's about time to start drinking!!

Ed & Scoot graced us with their presence at BBB-IX. A damn fine couple!!!


My first beer of BAD BEER BASH - IX ... Keystone Ice!!!

Mark's first beer.... Lost Lake

Terry lucks out and pulls a Stroh's. Dude - could have been alot worse!!!

Sal got lucky... Lacrosse Lager... (actually pretty darn good stuff)

If this isn't a perfect pair - nothing is!! Mike pulled a Hamm's!!! Well done brother!!!!

C'mon Craig... MAN UP!!!

NICE!!!! Schafer!!!!! I'd be smiling too!!!

Ouch. Mountain Crest for me... damn this shit sucked.

Hey Jamie... Stroh's... well done girl!!! We love ya!!!

OOOooo.... sorry Rich. But all the wine training in the world isn't going to help you with that Old Style Classic Draft. It sucks no matter what....

Jimbo snakes the Wiedemann!!! I'm jealous!!!

WOW!! The first truly BAD pull of the night. Jim pulls out a Drewry's!!! We're guessing from the mid-80's.

C'mon Jimmy.... DRINK IT!!! Scott isn't complaining about that Steel Reserve he's drinking!!!

Big Richie pulls another classic!!! Kaiser Pils... from the early 80's. Yeah... as you can guess... tasted like ass.

Just to be sure... I'm gonna try it.

Yep.... ass.

OUCH!!! Scott pulled one of the Daytona Harley beers....

There you go. Don't be afraid of it... get it gone quick!!!

Or.... maybe not. Yeah.... it's a stale moose piss mixed with WD40 kind of taste....

Best course of action is to find a partner and you champion the cause together!!!

Terry proudly displays the penalty Bud Light.... DRINK THE FOOT!!!!

WOOOHOOO!!! At his first BAD BEER BASH event... Mike G. pulls a Billy Beer. Sorry bro... damn thats bad luck!!!

Hello ladies!!! Damn... nothing sexier than a woman drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Well... fuck you too!!! LOL!!!!

Ok Pappy... I'm catching a theme here....

USAF and the USMC proudly represented... my brother Music ready to put down a Grain Belt....

Damn Mike?!?!?! Who did you piss off?!?! You follow a Billy Beer up with a Hudy Gold (by Hudepohl). OUCH...

Yes... my hat was set on fire... AGAIN

Nothing like watching a Marine drink a MASH 4077 beer.... AND LIKE IT!!!!!

Phil on the other hand....

Not so much....

Damnit dude... get ready. Hudepohl "Hu-Dey" beer. That shit wasn't good when it was new!!!!

Yep... he liked it too!!!! WTF Music!?!? Dude... did you leave your taste buds in the sandbox or what!??!

Ok... THIS will be the challenge... MARMITE!!!!

Damn... he liked that also. I give up!!!

Amazing... get a a chick drunk enough... her judgement fails enough to grab Terry's crotch.

The women of BAD BEER BASH - IX... NICE!!!!