The debauchery that is BAD BEER BASH skipped a year... yes, we missed 2005. Why? Expansion. That's right. We had outgrown our first location in Mundelein - it was time to move on. Plus... the Mayor never did forgive me for that incident with his daughter. Anyway... in 2006 BAD BEER BASH - VII exploded on Wauconda. They had no idea what hit 'em. It was a bigger facility... we had more beer... older beer... we broke ALL the rules with BBB7!! We did the world of immature adults proud... it was complete and pure idiocy!!



Half a case down...

Time for the NO PANTS dance!!



(click on the photo for a larger version)

The BBDUs iced down - covered - ready to rock

Joe and Kathy (with Julie) were first timers... they'll be back

When it rains outside - the bikes go inside

The NEW & IMPROVED facilities for all future BAD BEER BASH events

If you look closely, you'll see Paul in the back with a blow torch. This can't be good....

Jay (a BBB first timer) - his first pull... 1990 Harley-Davidson beer (by Pabst Blue Ribbon)

And what do I get? Billy Beer. Let me tell you... this shit SUCKED

Back for his second pull... OUCH!!! M.A.S.H. 4077 beer... sorry bro'... DRINK UP!!!!

The one and only... SCOOT!!! No worries... Jager-bombs were ready

And who did Scoot bring in tow? Pappy himself... the great all mighty... Ed

Whoever decorated this garage has great taste....

Keefer on his daily 1-900-I-AM-GAAY call....

Look closely... the top dead center of the bill on the hat... yep... it's on fire

Marmite... try it sometime. I'll warn you, even drunk this shit tasted like molded Yak turds...

Don't ask - don't tell. Good policy....

Hey Possee... for you!!!

Nothing better than a "Friday Night Shocker"

Libby - in for his first pull of BBB7

Harley Beer by Pabst Blue Ribbon --- well done!!

My second pull --- "Mr. Beer" Meister Brau... not good

Schwarting gets a Schaefer. How come he always gets the pansy beers?!

Craig (sporting his tshirt from BBB4) pulls a Billy Beer

Libby in for another round and gets the MASH 4077th beer... OUCH

Misery loves company...

The Bad Beer Brew Crew

"It's a breast of chicken!"

There isn't enough of that in the world to clean up after you Danny...

BBB7 FEATURE BEER - Falstaff - canned in 1976

To the greatest country on earth... defended by the greatest people on earth...

Bottoms up!!!

OOOooo... NOT GOOD!!! Beer that's been in a can for 29 years... gets alittle... well... BAD

And this is it's makes you think Libby is attractive

Uhh... I have no explanation. Sorry.

Fuck you too Keefer... BITCH

"Big D" hanging tough at his first Bad Beer Bash

Ummm Danny... is that a moose-knuckle?

Yeah... they rode the short bus

I'm still drunk... and the hat's on fire again...

You can feel the love at all Bad Beer Bash events

Is this an invitation Lib?!?!

Ouch - Mark with the BIGFOOT. Sorry brother... man up and power it down!!!

Schwarting with the MASH 4077th beer. Even cold --- AWFUL

"No Libby... you can't tongue my gooch."

Doesn't matter what you say Scoot... I'm drinking another beer

"Is that gum on your pants?"

Some moments need no explanation...

Nice shirt Darin... well said. And - nice work puttin' down the Billy Beer!!!

Yes Libby... you have breasts... we know

We'll see you next year!!!