At BBB4 we broke new ground and entered uncharted territories.

We hired a "BAD BEER BITCH"... or waitress hottie if you prefer... to serve our bad beer. We built a stage for her - and we also built the BBDUs (Bad Beer Distribution Units) - an essential part of the BAD BEER BASH system.

And lastly, we added signage. The BAD BEER BASH sign was custom made,

and now welcomes all guests to each BAD BEER BASH.



Bad beer... It's still better

than riding a Suzuki...




(click on the photo for a larger version)


The BAD BEER BASH sign is now a staple at all BAD BEER BASH events

As always... Harleys welcomed!!

One of the best teachers ever to grace a school system... and he is a dead ringer for a Dokken video.

JD, Craig, and Anna... anxiously awaiting their next beer

The only action Keefer saw all night....

How do you go on a beer run w/ no bags? Simple. Put a bucket over your head and put the beer in the bucket.

What a perfect shirt.... simple, elegant, to the point

She liked me... of course... I was paying her...

And what if Heather (our BAD BEER server) got outta line? Tut would throw her over his shoulder and walk her around the room for a group spanking!!

Signing the medical waiver... REQUIRED

Proudly earning another BAD BEER BASH shirt for the collection...

OOOOoooo.... Harley Davidson beer from 1993. OUCH. That shit SUCKS!!!

He says, "Bigfoot tastes like ass." His wife says, "Bigfoot tastes like Ron." I believe both of them....

Our lovely bar tender and friend

OUCH!!! Tom pulls a Harley beer....

If you refuse to drink it... YOU WEAR IT!!!

Not kidding....

Told you... not kidding. You pull it... you drink it.

Quantum Leep a great 80's cover band... and a nice set of cans....

She's only nice to the patrons cause she has to be...

Another shirt... earned with valor and stupidity

Tommy... he seems scared of the beer. It's Harley beer... I'd beer scared too.

C'mon Whispers... shut the pie hole!!! She's trying to cuddle up with you!!!

In full swing!!

Yeah... I got a generic beer to drink. And Heather is right... AWFUL!!!

Too drunk to stand... nothing new

Picture this... The Lumberjack song by Jackyll comes on. What do you do?

If you're sober, nothing. You enjoy the song.

If you're my drunk brother Mark... you grab a John Deere 105 weed eater - start it up - and play along!!!

Two drunk women + innocent hugs = LESBIAN LOVEFEST

Jamie and Dana... she's so classy when she's blitzed

Now what would cause a man to sneek up on another dude and grab his crotch from behind?? Simple.... BIGFOOT

Me - explaining the rules of the Harley beer. You refuse to drink it... you wear it.

I ask one question... WHY are Mark's pants unbuttoned?!??!

The end of the night... all went well.

Now kiss my ass... see you next year!!